Why You Should Keep Employees Engaged for the Sake of Your Company

There are dozens of reasons for you to keep your employees engaged in their work and feeling like an important component to the company’s function. But you probably haven’t considered potential sabotage to be one of those reasons. Team members who are disengaged from their work are more likely to sabotage the company in some way, either actively or passively. It’s your job as human resources personnel to monitor employee engagement and make changes where you see disengagement.

Sabotage Isn’t Always Active

Indeed, an employee committing sabotage might not have made a conscious decision to sabotage anything. More likely than not, you don’t have employees plotting to shut down production machinery or rig the cash registers to malfunction. However, a disengaged employee sabotages your company by lacking interest in what he or she does as an employee. Employees who don’t pull their own weight, complete tasks halfheartedly and provide neglectful customer service are sabotaging the reputation and success of your company just as much as active saboteurs do.

Engaged Employees Bring You Success

Keep your employees engaged and you’ll see better customer service, tasks done efficiently, and most importantly, employees who are pleased with their jobs and willing to do what it takes to succeed within the company. Engaged employees require no prompting to finish daily tasks and they help to maintain a better working environment for the rest of the team. Workplace culture relies heavily on employee engagement, and without employees who take seriously their importance as part of the team, you have no effective workplace culture.

The bottom line is that team engagement is important, and you need to start with individual employees. Praise and reward the ones that are working hard and communicating well with the team, and let them know that their skills and contributions are valued. Conversely, don’t be afraid to approach an employee whose performance is lackluster and provide encouragement to stay more engaged. Communication is the easiest way to prevent disengagement, so let your employees know that you value them today.

Source: Decision-wise.com

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