“Good-to-great leaders…first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats – and then they figure out where to drive it.”

– Jim Collins, Good to Great

The attraction and selection of top talent is one of the most complex and critical business challenges. Busy executives often do not have the time or the hiring expertise. HR Matters helps you get “the right people on the bus” by using a comprehensive, structured strategic approach in the selection process. We manage the entire search and selection process for you. All you have to do is make the decision. What could be easier?

» Our Unique Approach to Employee Selection

» Defining outcomes

» Behavioral Assessment

» Attracting and finding talent

» Screening

» Interviewing

» Reference Checking

Our Unique Approach to Employee Selection

As talent consultants, we provide best in class strategies in the search and selection process, from attracting, sourcing, assessing and evaluating candidates. Our clients consider us integral business partners because of our unique approach, array of services and multi-option pricing structure. Clients may use all our services as part of an end-to-end process or any of them separately.

We offer a fresh alternative to those search firms and agencies that charge large fees based on percentage of the candidates’ first year salary. We charge for either the time we spend or a retained flat fee. We have no financial interest in whether one candidate is hired over another, so we are able to operate as fully independent and objective advisors throughout the process.

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Defining outcomes

One of the major causes of hiring errors is the lack of upfront work required to define the position. It is vital that an organization know what the key accountabilities and requirements of the job are before trying to fill the position.

We spend a substantial amount of time with our clients on this process before searching for any candidates. We develop a talent profile for the position, complete with measurable and specific short and long term performance outcomes, as well as the behavioral requirements that will define success in the job. This profile becomes our benchmark or standard by which your hiring decision is made.

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Behavioral Assessment

It is very difficult to determine a person’s drives and motivations from an interview alone. HR Matters offers our clients a management tool that measures work-related behaviors and motivating needs of both the position and the candidate to ensure a good match. Behavioral drives and motivations are critically important competencies and frequently are either missing from the overall analysis of the candidate, assumed by the hiring executive, or misstated by the candidate.

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Attracting and finding talent

Equally important in determining a candidate’s fit is the ability to attract top talent. We assist our clients in creating a unique and differentiating employee experience, or employment “brand,” that will attract the right quality candidates. Your employment brand and job behaviors are incorporated into a compelling advertisement to attract the talent you most want to hire. We develop a comprehensive search strategy to cast our net widely and use many sources including niche web sites, social media, industry associations, and our deep and broad network.

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We carefully plan the screening process to be sure you bring in only the best candidates for a face-to-face interview. It is said that resumes are like balance sheets – without any liabilities – yet they remain a key component in the hiring process. Our challenge is to cut through the balance sheet during the screening process with a thorough telephone screen. Our screens include questions designed to provide enough information to determine if this person should be brought in for an interview. After conducting phone screens on possible candidates, we prepare a detailed written overview including their answers to our questions and submit the best candidates for your review.

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The interview represents one of the most critical parts of the hiring process, because its purpose is to predict success in the job. We develop insightful interview questions to predict whether the candidate:

  • Can do the job
  • Will do the job
  • Fits with your culture

Each question is designed to provide this information and to validate the behaviors and technical skills required for the position. We do not ask shallow or hypothetical questions, and focus on behavioral interviews that will provide insights into past performance.

In addition to behavioral interviewing, we also conduct Chronological In-Depth Structured (CIDS) interviews developed by Dr. Brad Smart and explained in his best seller, Topgrading. The Topgrading methodology is designed to determine recurring patterns of behavior by asking the same five questions for every position the candidate has held. The Topgrading interview is approximately three hours in length, and reveals patterns of relationships and competencies.

Prior to the interview, we determine with our clients other testing that may be desired to predict success. Other testing may include cognitive intelligence, math, computer, writing, or technical skills required for a certain position.

Some clients prefer to conduct the in-person interviews on their own or may want us to participate in the process. Many of our clients who are not comfortable with the interview process ask us to facilitate the interview with them.

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Reference Checking

Once we have defined the position’s outcomes and requirements and conducted the assessment, screening and interviewing, it becomes time to complete our due diligence with a thorough reference check procedure.

The purpose of the reference check is twofold:

  • To verify information collected from the resume and during the interview.
  • To uncover additional information that may influence your decision.

We also verify advanced education. You would be surprised how many candidates provide misleading information about degrees!

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