Trusted Business Partner

We retained Betty Roffwarg to assess, screen and evaluate several of our recent key hires.  Betty impressed me with her competency, professionalism and the level of service she provided throughout these projects.  Her level-headed understanding and personal approach, as well as her thoroughness and integrity are qualities I value.  Her understanding of the nuances of the selection process and our culture saved us both time and money.  Betty has become one of my trusted business partners and I know that her objectivity and expertise will continue to serve us well.  It is a pleasure to work with her.

Diane E. Holtz
President & COO
Pet Supermarket, Inc.

Talent coach and consultant

As a small business owner, I used to handle the hiring process myself.  I would hire people and they would be gone in a week .  Previously I used employment agencies where I paid 25% of the annual salary  as a fee for the privilege of hiring the same kind of applicant I got myself!  Faced with the hiring of our first General Manager, I decided it was time to bring in a professional and retained Betty Roffwarg of HR Matters.

Betty worked for me and had my interests as her concern, not the candidate’s.  She helped us fine tune the position by developing a talent profile of outcomes and the qualities required for success.  Betty pre-screened the candidates and submitted a few who she felt best fit our culture and the position.  The top three candidates were brought in for an interview that was conducted by Betty with my assistance.

She guided me and taught me a lot about the interview process, which I have since used on other interviews.  The value of having a true professional with Betty’s expertise, attention and follow up is priceless.  Her fee for my GM hiring was well below 25% I used to pay, so her services were a great value as well.  It was like having my own HR department without the overhead!  I highly recommend HR Matters to anyone that has an important hire they need to do.

Bill Porter
Don Hillman, Inc.

Skilled and specialized interviewer

We utilize the Topgrading methodology for employee selection.  Since we do not have an HR professional on staff, many of these interviews were conducted by me or our management team.  We were hiring for several positions and did not have the time to devote the numerous hours required to conduct Topgrading interviews.  Betty Roffwarg of HR Matters came highly recommended to us.  She caught on very quickly to the Topgrading process.  In addition, she is also a trained PI analyst which is of great value to us since we have used Predictive Index for several years.  Betty handled the entire end-to-end process for us, from sourcing, phone screening, administering the PI surveys, and conducting the Topgrading interviews.  She has a comfortable conversation style that encourages applicants to open up and share information readily.  I always know I can count on Betty to deliver.

David Wolf
Herman Electronics

Commitment, expertise and follow through

Our company was ready to hire our first VP of Sales.  I had used recruiters in the past, without much luck.  Betty Roffwarg of HR Matters came highly recommended and I decided to retain her services because of her different approach.  She spent a lot of time with me on the front end to understand the position and what was required for success.

Betty submitted extensive candidate summaries with notes from her screening which I had never received before from anyone else.  And she presented 4 quality candidates!   She delivered a lot of value as her fees are a fraction of the cost of a recruiter.  Betty’s commitment to our engagement, her expertise, and her follow through distinguishes Betty from the others I have worked with.

Jack Maloney
FirstLantic Healthcare

Insightful Talent Reviews

Betty Roffwarg of HR Matters is not your ordinary HR consultant.  I own a growing dry cleaning business and service is our number one priority.  We have a great reputation and it is important that my team constantly delivers quality.  I thought I knew my team well, however wanted to deepen my understanding of their behaviors in order to maximize their development.

I hired Betty to profile our drivers and front desk associates, as well as completing profiles of each job.  We met for an entire afternoon to in a “talent review” of my team.  We discussed each person, how I perceived their strengths and weaknesses, the fits and gaps between each employee and their job, and how each person needs to be motivated.  Betty even prepared a color coded spreadsheet with each team member highlighting their primary motivations.  HR Matters goes beyond HR!

Jason Loeb
Sudsies, Inc.

Personal touch

Betty Roffwarg’s experience and expertise have been of tremendous value to us considering that we are a small company with limited time and resources.  She was not only able to evaluate and choose the best candidates for the position but she also helped us negotiate and get the perfect person for the job.  We are very satisfied with her support, her professionalism and personal touch.  Because of this, we highly recommend her firm to any other company that would/could require help with HR matters.

Violeta Cepeda
Vice President, ExcelAg

Focused and productive hiring process

Prior to working with HR Matters, our system of hiring new employees was unfocused and often ultimately unproductive.  HR Matters changed the way we approach our process.  By clarifying not only the necessary skills, but the personality as well, we moved away from just “filling the position.”  HR Matters helped broaden our search radius and showed perseverance, ensuring that we had the best possibility of finding the right candidate.  Finally, HR Matters has helped us on the back end to ensure that we are retaining the people that they worked so hard to bring to us.  All of this has made my life easier and my organization better.

Rabbi Alan E. Litwak
Temple Sinai

Employment branding

Betty Roffwarg is the reason why my partners and I became aware of what was best about our company’s values and why we should promote those values as the most attractive parts of our brand. Imagine my surprise at that unexpected insight, considering we contracted Betty to help us make better hiring decisions. It was incredible added value.   With Betty’s keen advice, I found we were much more able to select the right candidate for the job. Most importantly, Betty’s personal concern for the welfare of her clients is by far her best quality, among many, many qualities — too many to name in this brief recommendation. Betty Roffwarg would be a tremendous asset to any company.

Fritz Sheldon
Former President
Luminati Lending