“… leaders need to commit as much as 40 % of their time and emotional energy … to selecting, appraising and developing people… The foundation of a great company is the way it develops people – providing the right experiences, such as learning in different jobs, learning from other people, giving candid feedback, and providing coaching, education and training.”

– Execution, the Discipline of Getting Things Done
Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan

The development of top talent must come from a commitment at the top of the organization. Development must be engrained in the culture of the organization.

What do we mean by development? HR Matters approaches development as part of an integrated Performance Management process that includes the following elements:

  • Development of core values and company culture
  • Core and job competencies
  • Standards and measurements of performance
  • Talent reviews
  • Team dynamics and team building
  • Management training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Effective feedback and goal setting
  • Performance appraisals that provide results

Employees have a need to know how they are performing, how their bosses see them, what is expected of them, their strengths, weaknesses and potential, and how they can do better. HR Matters helps you develop and implement the strategy to take your employees and your company to the next level.