5 Ways to Encourage Productive Relationships in the Workplace

Relationships in the workplace are frequently one of the determining factors in how effectively your location operates. This is true in every industry, and a common source of interest for professionals in public relations. There are plenty of ways that you can insure the best working relationships in your workplace, and encourage future relationships to develop similarly.

Commit to Your Employees, Coworkers and Team Members

The biggest complaint among lower-level employees in all industries is that the wrong treatment can make valuable team members feel unimportant. Motivate your team members to commit to their job by making it clear that service-level employees on your team are crucial to company success. After all, the team members who provide customer service are usually a customer’s first point-of-contact with your company.

Encourage Your Team to Share Their Ideas and Experiences

Creativity in the workplace is an undervalued skill that has an important place on every team. Instead of relegating your team members to following orders and instructions, ask them to think critically and discuss work-related problems. It’s entirely possible that their collective creativity provides a solution you didn’t think of on your own.

Cultivate a Productive and Collaborative Workplace Culture

Despite having a team of employees as the frontline to your company, you’ll likely find that team members revert to working independently in many cases. While there’s nothing wrong with working on your own, there’s something to be said about problem solving in groups. Often tasks and projects can be completed more efficiently when delegated through teams.

Focus on Support and Communication Between Coworkers

Strong support and effective communication are two of the most important aspects of productive working relationships. Lead by example here—support your team through difficult projects and stress clear communication. Let your team know that it’s OK to ask questions if directions are unclear, and that the entire team is here to support each other.

Emphasize Team Effort and Team Success

Your team should know that on major projects and day to day happenings alike, when everyone works together, everyone succeeds together. Encourage this culture by rewarding team effort that leads to solutions and results, especially when the end result is a successful outcome.

In the end, cultivating these strong working relationships helps your team grow stronger and your company succeed.

Source: Salary.com

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