Talent Management: 10 Things To Avoid

Talent management has its shortcomings, and knowing the ’10 Deadly Sins of Talent Management’ listed in a recent ERE.net article from Jon Bartos can help you avoid falling into the pit of despair. How can you be the best of the best and maintain top-talent? Take Apple, Southwest Airlines, Proctor and Gamble and Berkshire Hathaway as examples of top companies.

What keeps these companies “most admired” ranges from their excellence in product management, exceptional service or investing – but they all have one major thing in common: “They take the talent game seriously and make finding and growing the best talent a top priority.” Bottom line message? Focus on your talent. Getting to be a highly admired organization isn’t easy, and staying at that level is even more difficult. Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid:

1. Fail to Make a Team of “A” Players a Priority.

2. Pay Below Market Value for Talent.

3. Maintain a Long, Arduous Hiring Process.

4. Hire Based on Interviewing Skills.

5. Lack of Defined Career Paths.

6. No Outside Agencies – Job Boards Only or Feeding Frenzy.

7. Stop Interviewing When Empty Seats Are Filled.

8. Tolerate Low Performers.

9. Lack of Training and Development.

10. Absence of a Performance Management System.

These tips are just the beginning of things to stay away from. Please click here to read the full article and understand why these things are so vital to avoid. When it comes right down to it, remember to supplement every phase of the work-life cycle. Make it a priority to interview, hire and retain the best top-talent your organization can have. It’s not just about hiring the right person, it’s about training and building that person to be the best talent possible. Keep communication open, offer support and advice to your employees. And don’t forget every organization’s number one asset: Talent!

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