Build Consensus Among Employees

Group decisions can get messy with various opinions and attitudes abound. Consensus is a great tool to utilize when group decisions need to be made. A recent article from HRM notes that while consensus is typically considered to be a political term, it  can play a very helpful role in your workplace. What elements do you have in place to maintain proper consensus management?

Consensus is, by definition, a general agreement. Multiple parties involved in a decision can be trying. What can you do to help your employees reach a consensus? The goal is a successful outcome, but also for everyone involved to feel they’ve been heard and their ideas considered. From an HR perspective, consensus can create camaraderie among employees and increase productivity. How can you implement a consensus mindset among your employees? Here are five tips:

1. Lose the attitudes that undermine consensus.

2. Have regularly scheduled meetings.

3. Foster an atmosphere of open communication.

4. Set clearly defined goals.

5. Support the decision.

There may not be specific ways to measure the benefits of consensus, and it may be difficult to implement. However, it does offer many perks for management. To read more about what consensus can do for your workplace, click here to read the full article.

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