Up-and-Coming Organizational Trends

What trends have you seen take root within your organization this year? A recent Talent Management.com article by Deb Busser notes five workplace trends to look for in 2012. Things have been becoming a trend in the workplace throughout the past year, but as a talent manager, it’s important that you take the opportunity to capitalize on these trends for the coming year.

Through the recent years of an unstable economy, employees’ view of work and the workplace is different than in the past. New trends in the workplace evolve every year and, as a talent leader, addressing the up-and-coming trends in a proactive manner to ensure organizational growth is key. The article notes trends that you can expect to see in the new year:

Movement from management principles to leadership values: Cookie-cutter, old-school or command-and-control approaches to managing people¬† are becoming less effective; employees can determine when an organization’s walk doesn’t fit the talk, and they are getting impatient working for managers who are less self-aware than they are.

A focus on workplace culture as a means to grow the business: Some of the best organizations spend little on marketing, yet put time, energy and resources into making sure they have a sustainable culture.

Diversity makes a comeback: Companies need people inside their organizations who are representative of the people they are trying to reach outside.

Rise of virtual work relationships: Technology as well as social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook make it easier to maintain relationships with current and past co-workers.

Organizations are getting flatter: Instant access technology means employees are not as dependent on the hierarchies of the past for information.

To read more about these up-and-coming trends and how they can be utilized in your organization, click here to read the full article.

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