The “In’s and Out’s” of New Hiring Strategies

A pertinent blog article from author Kate Benson notes the imperative need for organizations to evolve their hiring tactics. The article provides a few tips on how to hire the right talent.

First things first, talent managers must utilize well-planned interviewing and hiring tactics to hire the best talent for the organization. There are a few “in’s and out’s” of hiring:

OUT: Ego; History; Monologue

IN: Dialogue; Vision; Attitude

But to be more specific, there are actually reasons why these things are “In or Out”. For example, Attitude is in, positive attitude, that is. Skills can be taught but attitude cannot. Vision is in too – new, fresh, different – new hires with a fresh take on things can offer unique solutions to pre-exisiting problems. Dialogue is also in because in modern organizations, offices are opening up. CEOs aren’t stuck up in the penthouse while the cubicle workers sludge through the work in today’s workplace. Top management and executives are working side-by-side with their middle level and lower-level employees. Hence, open conversation, “Dialogue”, makes a more fluid, flexible communication environment for everyone.

And then there’s the issue of what’s “Out” to address – Ego:

“You should hire me because of what I’ve done and where I’ve worked.” That is the passive message many candidates project during interviews. People harp on their resumes instead of saying, “I am here because I have always admired your company. I like what I see and I want to be part of the success of this brand.”

Surprisingly enough, History is “Out” too! When facing change, sometimes the easiest thing to do is hire for characteristics that are familiar. But that isn’t always the best decision. Monologue is also out – there isn’t really just one opinion anymore, it’s a flow of conversation in today’s workplace.

There are all sorts of “In’s and Out’s” for new hiring tactics. To read more and discover which tactics could work for your organization, click here to read the full article.

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