Positive Management for Negative Employees

How can talent managers and employee forge ahead together in this uncertain economy? A recent article from TalentManagement.com author Michael Haid explains that managers have struggled to handle the pace of change alongside employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance. These areas are suffering due to poor communication, the breakdown of trust, and lack of focus on the customers. How can talent managers positively guide employees in the midst of all this chaos?

The article reports that increased workloads, decreased confidence in corporate direction and growing mistrust of leadership have increased employee negativity while simultaneously decreasing productivity. Managers have to focus on managing change, engaging employees and grooming employee skills and attitudes that benefit both the employer and the employee.

Managers must be quick on their feet to recognize and address negativity amongst their employees. One suggestion is to offer behavior coaching and try to lead by example. If you exude positivity, it will be more difficult for your employees not to follow your example.

Some practices talent managers should utilize to lead others positively include:

  • Set expectations.
  • Communicate the vision.
  • Develop employees.
  • Value employees.

The article also includes five tips for talent managers to reduce negativity and create a more positive work environment. Generally speaking, they are: assess, start with yourself, keep lines of communication open, don’t validate or encourage negativity, and ask for solutions. To read about these tips in more depth, click here. There are also imperative implications for not stimulating employees to adapt to change. Failing to encourage positivity in your employees could impact your employee’s health and wellness, their job dissatisfaction and performance, your leadership credibility, your organization’s workplace culture and the overall business focus. Now, those are some serious impacts.

To be an effective talent manager, you must engage and coach your employees during this tumultuous time. This article provides a few suggestions to help you better manager your workforce:

  • Be realistic
  • Be flexible
  • Reward accomplishments

To read the other four suggestions on how to be an effective talent manager for negative employees, click here to access the full article.

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