Keep Employee Performance Reviews Successful

Most organizations use some form of employee performance reviews as a formal setting to discuss expectations. These reviews are important to both the employee and supervisor since they provide information about employee performance. An article written by Donald Nickels and published by provides employers with 5 keys to successful employee performance reviews:

  • Timeliness – It is important that employee performance reviews are completed on time because timeliness speaks volumes about how one’s work it regarded.
  • Employee Input – Employee reviews are a two person process where employee input is absolutely vital.
  • Discuss The Negative – Employee performance review time is the perfect opportunity to discuss poor performance.
  • Goal Setting – After reviewing past performance with the employee, it is a good idea for the supervisor and employee to set goals possibly on a quarterly or annual basis.
  • Make It 360 – You can improve the employee review effectiveness by asking for feedback on how expectations are communicated.

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