Learning Leadership Lessons via LeBron James

In a recent HCI.org blog post by Katherine Ratkiewicz, we are asked: What is the most important thing in the mind of a new employee when landing a new job? The answers could range from money to opportunities to culture. From an HR perspective, the most important organizational assets are the talent.

Ratkiewicz took a break from being a zealous NBA fan until the latest LeBron James news. She says that the there are some important career development, learning, and leadership lessons to be drawn from LeBron’s move to Miami.

What got him in the end to the Miami Heat was the promise of a solid team – leveraging the talents of other strong players to have a well-rounded set of skills to bring home the championship. Pat Riley, the coach of the Miami Heat, showed enormous insight and leadership skills in making the right value proposition to James.

A necessary question to ask in all organizations is: How often does it happen in your organization that you need to consider the team dynamics and relative strengths and weaknesses that your talent brings to the table? When a new person joins your organization, it’s important that the team knows how to utilize the newcomer’s talents and skills for the overall growth and success of the organization.

Knowing your audience is also always important – who they are, what they value, and how to deliver what they want.

From a human capital perspective, you’ve got to train your people to have the institutional knowledge and know-how to connect with your most important stakeholders. After all, who are more important than your fans and customers?

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