Leading With Heart

As back-to-school and football season sow a seed of excitement, questions of who will lead the Big 12, SEC, and other conferences slither into conversations around the country. A recent blog post by Aubrey Krekeler, a writer for the Human Capital Institute, outlines the elements that make a team great. The article questions who or what is underneath a team that drives its success.

Krekeler suggests that the greatest attribute of a leader is heart. She also questions what characteristics are important in a leader. Dare we guess that heart could be the answer to most of the questions she asks? Yes:

What makes someone stand out is their heart, their ability to face challenges and roll with the punches. Three qualities make an authentic leader:

1. Persistence: Being relentless is a key to true leadership – such determination is rare, stunning, and an essential quality of a leader.

2. Effort: Putting forth an amount of effort beyond what most people witness, and this willingness helps to create a solid leader.

3. Passion: Talent will only take you so far, skill will only hold you so high – having heart is what makes the difference.

Leaders are as diverse as snowflakes – no two will be alike. But, there will always be a star player. Perhaps it is the quieter, benchwarmers who actually hold the heart of the team. It’s not always about being the loudest, proudest, or most outgoing. It’s about showing up and doing the nitty-gritty work to complete the job. It’s about having the heart, the passion, the drive to exceed the expectations of your coworkers and partners. That’s the trademark of leading by heart.

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