Generation To Generation: Effective Workplace Communication

Damon Kitchen discloses a few “Helpful Hints to Effectively Communicate Across Generations” in an article published by Talent As a large age spectrum in the workplace becomes more and more common, managers must create an effective strategy to clearly communicate with employees, co-workers, and subordinates of all ages.

Numerous surveys and studies reveal that large segments of the workforce in the United States share common work values, preferences and attitudes based on life experiences. While it is erroneous to assume an employee’s values and needs are similar to another’s simply because of proximity in age, it’s also a mistake to ignore shared generational values and perspectives that predominate in the workplace.

Many young managers may find that in this day in age, they have to create inventive ways to effectively communicate to a spread of younger and older employees.  Kitchen writes that employers who are challenged with managing a diverse age group of employees must be innovative in establishing effective ways to communicate with and motivate their employees. He suggests:

  • Develop a culture of respect in the workplace.
  • Be flexible in your management style.

Managers need to provide clear communication about the tasks, deadlines, and performance standards with every employee to create better workplace relationships.

A manager who can learn to be flexible in his or her management style often can win the support and allegiance of subordinates.

You can access the original article here.

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