Benefits of New Hire Surveys Abound

Everyone has heard of or experienced the exit survey, also regarded as the last opportunity to really say what you mean – where the brutally honest truth is spilled onto paper and left to decay in a file. Some may say that the point of an exit survey is moot, considering it’s already too late for the employee who’s filling it out.

A recent article from Talent‘s Talent Management Perspectives blog suggests instead of exit surveys, why not try a new hire survey? Author Bettina Chang poses the idea that companies shy from new hire surveys because they do not think that recruits will be honest or critical of their new employers. However, this hasn’t been the case. In fact, new hire surveys have proven to be indeed worthwhile.

Surveys conducted by Nobscot Corp. found that new hires have focused their comments on the on-boarding process and the training they receive, which are keys to the new employee experience.

New hire surveys also can measure how employees are getting along in their new work environment. An employee might point out unfriendly co-workers, ineffective managers or red tape during the on-boarding process – factors that lead to employee discontent, poor employee retention, and longer time to productivity.

The first few months of an employee’s holding within the organization are often the most important time to develop company loyalty. Issues within these first few months can easily be addressed or resolved with a new hire survey, which can lead to better, longer, stronger employee satisfaction and retention rates. This will reduce the risk of high turnover rates and reduce the time and money spent on recruiting, hiring, and training new employees.

To read more about how to approach the new hire survey, read the full article here.

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