All On Board With Company Objectives

What is the best way to maintain a level organization where information flows freely between the CEO and the employees? The answer is surprisingly simple: Everyone must work together toward common goals and point out issues that might prevent the company from reaching its objectives. Wait, surely there’s more. Read on –

In an interview with Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of, Brooke Bates addresses how to maintain a flat organization through transparency and accessibility.

Kupietzky gives 3 pieces of sound advice:

1. Make your message meaningful. Regardless of how you set company goals – whether they’re set in the boardroom or collaboratively built with employee input – transparency is key.

Communicating overall objectives clearly and frequently is a necessary step in keeping company communications flowing smoothly. It’s also a good idea to offer individual help if employees are having trouble tying their goals to the company’s overall objectives.

Maintaining balance requires a lot of repetition when reinforcing both the big picture and details. Repetition is also a necessity, but to keep from growing monotonous, be creative with alternative examples.

Another way to make your message resonate is tailoring it to your audience. Think about their vocabularies and try to meet them on their level.

2. Meet one on one. Individual meetings can help align employees to the company goals and secure a role in its success. You want to make sure employees have the resources they need to be successful.

3. Build consensus. Being transparent about your goals and decisions is a good start, but it has to coincide with feedback from employees. While being clear that your decision is made, you should also acknowledge potential obstacles.

To read more about tactics to make sure all of your employees are onboard with the company’s goals, and how to support their personal growth alongside the company, read the article here.

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