Chief Operating Officer – Hialeah, FL

Ready for a challenge? If you thrive on removing bottlenecks and making a company run smoothly and efficiently, we want to hear from you. Our company is seeking a COO to help us run like a well oiled machine. We have a ways to go, so your skills will be put to the test with this great opportunity. We offer our customers complete solutions: from initial (concept) design to international manufacturing to warehouse solutions. You’ll immediately recognize our Fortune 500 customers – from major cruise lines and hospitality and entertainment superstars to a broad spectrum of industries. Business is booming and our tireless CEO needs a strong right hand to manage the day to day operations so she can pursue other opportunities outside of the office. (Which means you won’t be micromanaged.)

What makes us different?

• We are a small and nimble team – there is no bureaucracy here

• We are an international company with offices in Mexico, Vietnam and, of course, China (15+ years)

• We continue to invest in capabilities that allow us to delight our customers: cutting-edge laser engraving & 3D printing as well as embroidery and silk-screen machines

• We design, manufacture, assemble and warehouse our custom-manufactured products, which are sourced from all over the world

• Most importantly, we understand the difference between ‘working’ and ‘producing’

Key Accountabilities:

People Management:

• Develop and implement regular performance evaluations and training for the team

• Formalize our HR policies

• Ensure payroll costs are operating lean and mean

Warehouse Management:

• Ensure monthly inventory is properly executed

• Develop and implement our customization departments and ensure that all machines and equipment are working efficiently and set up to save time

Property Management:

• Maintain a neat, clean and organized facility, both inside and out

Data Management:

• Ensure all employees are fully operational with Huddle and Salesforce and using them for maximum efficiency, as well as the Microsoft basics and Outlook

Asset Protection:

• Work closely with our CFO in implementing (and maintaining) financial controls

Financial Management:

• Maximize productivity by analyzing excessive costs and implementing necessary changes

General Operations:

• Analyze work flow and processes and make improvements to gain efficiencies

• Ensure that each department is running according to our policies and procedures

 Traits required for success:

• Takes ownership for company’s operations and does whatever it takes to get the job done and the product delivered flawlessly

• Embraces change and technology with an open mind and out of the box thinking

• Delivers results with a sense of urgency

• Excellent communicator both oral and written – must be concise and skilled at delivering the “Cliff’s Notes” to our CEO and adhere to a pre-arranged schedule

• Demonstrates the highest integrity in all business dealings


• 5-10 years of operational experience in retail (including fast food), hospitality, logistics or other fields that demonstrate your exceptional customer service and management abilities

• Management experience overseeing a team of at least 10

• Hands on experience with internal financial controls and budgets

• Skilled at improving processes and work flow

• While a college degree is not required, graduate-level management knowledge is a prerequisite to success

• Strong skills in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook)


For the right candidate, this is a winning lottery ticket. Our board has developed and is executing plans to take our small company (sales ~ 5 million) to the next level (20+ million). One of the major components of this plan is to release our CEO from the crucially important, but oftentimes tedious daily operations (which is where you come in.) Another component is the development and implementation of processes and procedures. (Again, you will be an integral part of this.) And finally, we are looking for someone who not only checks all of the above boxes, but thinking ideally (and strategically) would have the ability to step into the CEO position at some point in the future. It probably goes without saying that we’re looking for a lifelong learner.