Are You Ready for Extreme Recruiting? Here’s 5 Ideas to Get You Started

How do you stand out from other companies competing for the best talent? Some companies get just a little creative and use extreme recruiting.

How do you find the best talent? And how do you stand out from other companies competing for the same talent? These are tough questions every employer struggles with… so some companies get just a little creative.

1. Draft Your Employees!
Everybody has business cards, but one company in particular went the extra mile: The CEO had “Now Hiring” cards printed up and told her employees to give them to anybody who impressed them with their personality. It could be a friend looking for work or even a particularly smart and courteous employee at the local fast food joint! They were looking for hard workers with good personalities, not bullet points.

2. Make Fun Of Yourself!
One truth of recruiting that’s not often considered is that the interviewee is evaluating the company just as closely as the company is. If they feel they’re not a good cultural fit or just don’t like the way the company does business, you can lose excellent candidates. But how do you communicate company culture in a way people will pay attention? decided to do it by making fun of themselves, right down to teasing their own CEO! They created a video that touches on every goofy stereotype of the industry they work in, which not only went viral and drew candidate interest, but set the tone for the candidate so they knew the company before they walked into the first interview.

3. Use A Video Game!
Browser games are not exactly the first things that come to mind when you think “recruiting tool.” Marriott, however, used a browser game called My Marriott Hotel to solve a problem; they were looking for younger workers, but had trouble both attracting them in the first place and getting them to apply. My Marriott Hotel, a hotel management game, was designed to show players what they could expect working for Marriott. Designed to be interesting and low-pressure, Marriott drew interested applicants from 120 different countries!

4. Hide Ads Where Only The Best Applicants Can Find Them!
Volkswagen’s German dealerships just couldn’t find the most talented mechanics for their in-house repairs, and they were having trouble making mechanics who already had a good job consider switching to the company. So, they got a few older Volkswagens, carefully hid advertisements for their jobs in the car where only the smartest mechanics who could diagnose the issue would find them, and dropped them off at various repair shops. It both ensured their ad was seen by their target audience and cut out the problem of sorting resumes at a stroke; if the mechanic could find the ad, after all, they were what the company was looking for!

5. And When All Else Fails? Tacos!
Finally, there’s a simple route: If you serve tacos, they will come! Appirio, an enterprise software company, simply started handing out free tacos at conferences, but to get your food, you had to walk by several signs pitching the company to prospective employees. It’s so successful, the company has kept it up, not least because everybody loves a company that gives out free tacos.

The moral of the story is that you need to be creative to get the right candidate. HR Matters can help; we’ll help you build a smart creative recruiting strategy for your company that gets attention… and the best employees! Whatever your recruiting model, HR Matters will ensure a smart and proven sourcing and selection strategy for your company. We offer the full range of recruitment services – and the best part is you can hire HR Matters for any stage of the process. So whether it’s sourcing, screening, behavioral assessment, interviewing, or reference checking, HR Matters is here to partner with you.

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