Why HR Professionals Should Cultivate a Global Mindset

Cultivating a global mindset is more important than ever to human resources professionals today. With domestic and global markets rapidly merging in more ways than one, professionals who opt to stay local will suffer in their hiring practices and in their professional success. The day is within sight that every business or firm will be international, regardless of physical location. Globalization in business leads us to hire remotely from across the world, work on projects with clients from thousands of miles away, and collaborate with internationally located companies. Clearly, a global mindset is your HR team’s best resource.

Dealing with Cultural Differences is a Lifesaving Skill in HR

Meetings and conference calls can be frustrating unless you’re willing and able to step back and think about why you have difficulty communicating with a client whose culture is unfamiliar to you. The reality is that misunderstandings happen, and they’re a part of life, especially in the human resources industry. Be compassionate about the differences that you see in your global clients or remote workers, and hone your negotiating skills to work your way past these misunderstandings with no hard feelings.

Human Resources Needs to be Culturally Versed

HR professionals need to know how to talk about cultures that are a vital part of their professional life, and the cultures that are important to us expand beyond ones we identify with at home. In a world where an HR firm routinely deals with clientele in Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Sudan, you’ll find that connecting with your clients on a personal level is more effective and more genuine when you take the time to care about culture and make it a part of the way you think. Consider culture every day, and make the effort to step back from your own culture and learn about those that are becoming part of your daily projects at work.

Source: Personnel Today


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