The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Recent College Grads

gradIn the months after commencement each summer, hiring managers everywhere deal with an influx of newly graduated job applicants. With the right approach, hiring a recent college grad can be a great strategy to bring fresh perspective into the workplace. Like any hiring decision, companies need to avoid common mistakes and focus on what is important to the workplace. As a hiring manager, you have the power to control the hiring process and bring the employees you want into the company. Follow these simple tips and you just might hire the right graduate.

1. Do Give Your Applicants the Opportunity to Open Up

Most college graduates have limited experience interviewing in a professional setting, and may not quite know how to express what they have to offer in a traditional interview setting. You may think you can gauge an applicant in five minutes sitting behind your desk, but it’s not always the case with recent grads. Regular interviews are still a valuable hiring tool, but you should consider inviting promising candidates to a follow-up interview in a different format—or an informal meeting, such as coffee or brunch—to see if your hunch was correct.

2. Don’t Commit Before Getting to Know Applicants

Find a unique way to test your applicants on what they can bring to the company. This is particularly true for recent graduates, who may not know what exactly you’re looking for because they lack interview experience. If you represent a writing firm, ask potential employees to submit a sample of writing in AP Style along with their resume and cover letter. Test your interviewees on practical skills that will apply to the workplace in your industry. This will help you get to know these recent grads before you commit to a hiring decision.

3. Do Respect Your Applicants, Even if the Fit Isn’t Right

Not every hiring decision works out, and this can be especially true when dealing with applicants who are recently graduated. Obviously, if a young applicant turns out to be the perfect fit, you want to keep him or her around as long as possible and establish a mutually respectful relationship early on. This holds true for your hiring decisions no matter what, even for the recruits that aren’t quite the right fit, or for recruits who are a downright terrible fit. People who apply to work at your company are interested in your company, and you may end up working with them in some capacity later.

These are just a few of the ways you can shape your hiring process to bring the right college graduates to your company. Additionally, these dos and don’ts hold true for every industry, no matter what type of personnel you are looking to hire. Treat your applicants well, help them express themselves, and get to know them before deciding which graduates will bring the package that you need to the company.

Source: Forbes

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