Looking Into 2013

What predictions have you heard for the 2013 workplace? A recent article from Talent Management.com contributor Halley Bock offers five ways that your organization can practice ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

You can be ready for continually rapid change this year – surely by now you’ve learned to embrace change! One way to be sure you’re rock steady is to create strong relationships with your employees – it’ll help to meet individual and organizational long-term success goals.

Taking on a non-traditional approach to things could be just the change your organization needs to better communicate with and engage your staff. Here are Bock’s five predictions for 2013:

Annual performance review becomes history.

Money isn’t king.

Social media policies mature.

Succession planning becomes a higher priority.

Workplace versatility becomes valued.

These predictions are based on issues prevalent in the workplace now. For example, how to efficiently utilize¬†“tried and true”¬†procedures, like the annual performance review, has been highly discussed. Another issue is society’s expectation of immediate response time due to social media. Current stances about appropriate social media behavior at work and the annual performance review will have to evolve to keep up.

Another item to consider is addressing your organization’s incentives programs. Bonuses don’t just mean extra money these days – there are lots of non-monetary ways to reward employees for their performance. How about the age differences within your organization? There’s an older generation in the workforce who are on the verge of change – what challenges will that bring to your company? The vast array of ages, aptitudes and abilities at work within your organization this year will provide a new set of tools to take on change in 2013 – click here to read more about what’s in store.

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