How To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Even after Valentine’s Day has passed, there’s still Employee Appreciation Day – which means more time for you to show your employees some love. Employee Appreciation Day falls on March 1st this year. What do you have planned for your organization? According an article found on, there are seven sure ways to go the extra mile for your workers.

Showing your employees that you appreciate them, every employee for every job, doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money. Here are a few tips that can help you plan something great:

1. It’s Party Time: The simplest and most widely used method of showing employees gratitude is to throw them a party.

2. Arrange A One-On-One: We’re not talking about a performance review, more like a State of the Union.

3. Give A Thank You Note: A party and some cake is nice. But sometimes employees are looking for something a little more personal.

These things don’t need to be over-the-top gestures of gratitude. Small things like a little face-to-face chat provide personal interaction, which strengthens relationships. You could also consider giving the employee a little extra time off. You don’t even necessarily have to give an entire day off!

You could also make improvements at the office for your workers. What about a new smoothie maker or espresso machine? If you want to be a little more specific to each employee, pay attention to what they like. Spa certificates or movie passes are ideas, depending on the individual.

There’s also the most obvious idea – – Throw in that extra cash! If budgets allow, give an extra bonus this holiday. More than 50 percent of employees in a recent study said they weren’t paid enough, not to mention not getting an end-of-year bonus. This may or may not be an option for your company. Either way, it’s very important that you show your workforce that their efforts are appreciated. To read more about how showing gratitude improves the workplace, click here to read the full article.


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