Workplace Takes on The 2012 Summer Olympics

What can your organization’s talent management department learn from the London Olympics? According to a recent article from Talent‘s Jeffrey Cattel, an editorial intern at Talent Management magazine, how to manage long-term goals and motivate a diverse workforce are among the lessons.

Sharon Daniels, CEO at AchieveGlobal, and Rick Lash, a talent and leadership director at the Hay Group, point out what you can take from the Olympics and apply to your workplace. What motivational and coaching strategies from the Olympics can benefit your organization? Here are five tips:

Manage long-term planning.

Help employees understand the roles they play.

Promote motivation through competence, relatedness and autonomy.

Target motivation techniques to the individual.

Encourage healthy competition.

Leading long-term projects requires a vision of the future. Help your employees see the long-term goals of the organization. Show them how their contributions now will effect the bigger picture for the organization. Leaders gain recognition from guiding their employees’ productivity from there here and now to benefit future organizational goals. Skills training is also important, as fine-tuning your employees will help them to become assets to the company now and in the future.

Keep in mind that teamwork makes the dream work. A cohesive team will be more successful than individuals trying to outdo one another. Cultivate a teamwork attitude within your workplace. However,  one thing to be mindful of is to keep the competition in the workplace closely tied to camaraderie and away from hostility. You want your employees to view the competition from a teamwork perspective instead of each-for-themselves. To read the full five tips, click here.

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