Five Questions After Top Talent Failure

A recent Talent article from Kevin D. Wilde offers a few tips on what to do when a top performer begins failing. Do you keep the employee, or let them go? If the employee fails within their position, do you remove them all together or re-focus them in another direction? Your job is to keep a positive light on things – after all, that’s what talent management is all about, right?  Talent management is mostly about the positives which is the fun part.  The not so fun part is having to let someone go.  But it is also about doing our best when things turn out well and also when they don’t.

When deciding what to do with an employee who hasn’t fulfilled the expectations of their position, proceed with caution. What are some things your organization does to decide if an employee gets that second chance?  The author formulated a five-point checklist to help reach the best decision for an exemplary employee, Jon, and the organization. They read as follows:

1. Did Jon cross the integrity line?

2. Does Jon have the skills to win?

3. Does Jon still have the sponsorship to succeed?

4. Does Jon have the resiliency to recover?

5. Are we all better off with a fresh start?

Considering whether or not a top performer should retain their position within the organization isn’t a simple matter. This has been an employee that was influential and beneficial to the company. There will be emotion involved in this decision, but these five questions can really help to sort out the pertinent information for the company and the bottom line. Your job is to make the best decision for better or worse, not to make an easy decision. For more help with how to decide if a top talent employee is worth retaining, click here to read the full article.


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