Culture Identification Increases Retention Rates

Many people learn about different personality styles as early as middle school. Individuals aren’t the only ones with different personality styles. Your organization has a style all of its’ own too! According to a recent article from‘s Kate Ward, there are some questions you can ask to identify your organization’s culture.

There are various factors to take into consideration when identifying your organization’s style, like where the company is located, what kind of work is done there, who works for and who runs the company. It’s also important to understand how your employees mesh with your company culture because it effects employee retention rates.

Direct environment, Spirited environment, Considerate environment and Systematic environment are four ‘personalities’ described here, and there are three questions you need to ask in order to identify your organization’s personality:

1. What would you say your organization values?

2. Which does your organization value more: teamwork or individual accomplishment?

3. How are decisions made in this organization?

With the four different personality styles to identify with, which sounds most like your organization? What about organizational values? The Direct environment’s organizational values are decisiveness, results and risk taking. However, the Systematic environment’s values are logic, accuracy, dependability and quality.

Does your organization value teamwork or individual accomplishment? Does your organization value a combination? Spirited and Considerate environments both value teamwork and collaboration, but Direct and Systematic environments are more focused on individual efforts.

Making decisions isn’t always the easiest task. How does your organization make decisions? Direct and Spirited environments make decisions quickly whereas Considerate and Systematic environments make decisions slowly.

To read the descriptions about what each of these styles means, you can click here to read the full article. Identifying and understanding your organization’s culture is important for various reasons, like maintaining employee satisfaction rates. Identify and establish your organization’s culture early and it will create a stronger identity for the company and your employees.


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