Future Business Success Depends on Talent Branding

How does one become an employer of choice? According to a recent article from TalentManagement.com author Jay Jamrog, it takes top-notch recruiting, branding, and an individualized approach to development. During a time of economic chaos, between hiring freezes and an abundance of unemployed candidates applying for any job available, why would an organization want to make themselves more appealing? The answer is simple: The world economy is changing. Thomas Friedman, author of The World Is Flat, says, “Something big … is happening at warp speed and directly or indirectly [is] going to touch a lot more people on the planet at once.”

The next economy is going to be much more diverse socially, culturally, and politically than the economy we are leaving behind. The core of this up-and-coming economy is obsessively innovation-driven, constant innovation will be the key to future success. So what’s the problem? This level of innovation requires a workforces with deeper knowledge and skills than ever before in areas such as science and math – and the U.S. education systems are not producing this type of worker.

Any way you want to look at it, the talent pools are shrinking. In order to attract the best candidates, organizations need different tactics. One such tactic – being praised as an employer of choice. This poses many pro’s and con’s for an organization. Click here to see the list of pro’s, con’s and recommendations.

The “Five Steps for Talent Branding” listed in the article offer suggestions on how to make your organization a top choice for the best and brightest employee candidates. The next economy demands that employers execute talent branding. This means “marketing the employer brand to segments of the potential and current workforce to become known as a magnet for talent.” Here are the five steps to create a talent brand:

1. Use talent mapping.

2. Create meaning for the talent brand.

3. Cultivate a learning culture.

4. Focus on the supervisors.

5. Don’t ignore work/life issues.

What it comes down to is also very simple – there is undoubtedly going to be a talent shortage in the future. Attracting and retaining key talent will only become more difficult in the future. Talent branding is one tactic to undermine this daunting problem. An organization’s leadership is the cornerstone on which to build an organizational environment that maintains and retains key talent.

Employees want supervisors to build relationships with them, to be the ultimate communicators – people who provide open and honest information on the organization’s mission, systems and policies. Employees want supervisors to treat them with respect and dignity and to provide instant feedback, positive reinforcement, and recognition. A storm is coming. Those organizations with strong talent brands will survive and emerge stronger than ever. Will your company be among them?

To read the five steps of how to build a talent branding system within your organization, click here to read the full article.


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