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A recently popular topic in talent management refers to talent branding. How can your organization develop talent branding to carry your workforce through this tough economic time? A recent article from author Brian Platz notes that a strong talent brand is imperative to attracting top talent.

A strong talent brand is critical to attract top talent. However, during on-boarding – and after – it’s easy to assume new hires have accepted the company’s value proposition, and organizations often stop or cut down on the activities that won them over in the first place.

If an employee doesn’t see the reasons why they joined an organization after they are hired, they will quickly pack up and find somewhere else to work. Talent branding highlights why an employee would want to work for an organization. And those reasons usually refer to fitting into an organization’s culture, sharing the same values, and having similarly understood goals.

One of the most effective ways to portray all of this is a corporate career website. This is an efficient way to build and maintain a consistent and identifiable talent brand. There are nine best methods to communicate and reinforce the talent  brand through a website. The first three are:

1. Start at the beginning. A company’s history is the genesis of the talent brand. People like to belong to a legacy. Including a brief or detailed version of the company’s history provides important background and helps candidates understand the company’s evolution.

2. Let employees do the talking. Candidates love hearing what existing employees think about working for a company. Taking the time to include quotes from existing employees or even video or audio testimonials can provide candidates with information from a future coworker’s perspective.

3. Provide insight into career development paths. Giving potential candidates a clear view into the possible career paths available at the company can help them decide if the organization is a good fit for their short and long-term goals.

The remaining six methods include: Extend the definition of benefits, Provide the lowdown on location, Post an ongoing recruiting events calendar, Activate automatic job agents, Consider personalized pages, and Make it simple. To read the full list, click here.

Talent branding isn’t all about making things look good. It’s actually a value proposition for current and future candidates. Talent branding reinforces your organization’s culture and reputation, internally and externally. Something like a website is very easy to manage and maintain, and the benefits that it will provide to you as a talent manager during the slow climb out of this recession are astronomical.

Whether it’s through personalized career microsites, automated data-collecting job agents, or competency management tools, technology can play a critical role in effective talent acquisition strategies. Companies that most effectively harness new technologies and tools stand to become the most powerful talent brands in tomorrow’s economy.

Talent branding is how organizations will continue to be successful in the next economy. To learn more, click here for the full article.





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