Best Practices for Creating Good Examples for Employees

We all try to be an example for someone else, be it our families or our business associates. When a supervisor and senior leaders model behavior, employee retention and competition rates increase. These supervisors are leading by example. A recent article from Sharon Daniels shares some insight on how to lead by example.

The recession has created many changes in the work and business environment. New hires, seasoned employees, and top performers are all weighing their options. With so much going on in the workplace, managers must find a new way to motivate employees.

Senior managers can lead by example to motivate the workforce. In companies of all sizes, employees at all levels seek cues and reassurance from their leaders. As the workforce churns and reshapes itself in the wake of retiree departures, temporary leaves of absence and layoffs, the need for management guidance is magnified.

Employee engagement tactics can really take hold when senior supervisors are involved with the messages and programs. Let your employees know about corporate initiatives and priorities. The involvement will make them more committed and makes managers more credible.

To be strong leaders, managers must have good role models in the upper supervisor department. There are a few strategies that supervisors can convey to managers to inspire their direct reports:

Show respect. Encourage employees to share their ideas and perspectives.

Build personal credibility. Acknowledge mistakes. Managers should admit when they don’t have the answer and be willing to learn from others.

Activate workgroup commitment. Creating a sense that the workgroup is doing something worthwhile.

Create meaningful rewards. Autonomy, competence and relatedness – the need for social connection and intimacy – are three core psychological needs at the root of human aspiration.

Create accessibility to senior leaders. Knowing what’s important to the leader and working to support it.

The next economy and the future of the workplace will need more employees at all levels, employees who can work independently. Providing employees with strong managers and supervisors will encourage them to be confident in working independently. To read more about how to create a positive example for your employees through your managers, click here for the full article.

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