2011’s Best Practices for Talent Management

The best talent management practices for 2011 have been broken down to one key element: employees. The Taleo.com website offers an insightful piece of literature that provides 10 talent management best practices for 2011. According to the article, experts say that 70% of your company’s value is based on the skills, experience, and performance of your workforce.

Talent management isn’t just a job; it’s a business strategy that enables YOU to effectively drive results and gain a competitive advantage to leveraging your employees. Here are a few of Taleo.com’s best talent management practices for the New Year:

1. Source Smarter: Smart sourcing enables you to post opportunities to your career sites then expand your search to social networks and hundreds of free and paid job boards. Automate the posting process to source the most qualified candidates faster. Then use predictive ranking to optimize your job board spend.
2. Implement Ongoing Learning: With ongoing learning, individuals not only build their desired career paths, but your company also benefits when education is aligned with organizational goals. You can identify skills gaps necessary to reach those goals and ensure compliance for specific positions or certifications needed.
3. Build a Leadership Pipeline: Identifying, engaging, and retaining top performers and high potentials are all important activities to avoid business disruptions at critical positions. A succession plan is the key to building a leadership pipeline. Build a talent pool from internal and external sources by linking your recruiting and succession planning processes. Then implement a retention strategy for your top performers and offer actionable career development paths.

To read the seven other best practices, access the full article here.

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