What’s In A Name?

Would a new job title that actually depicted what you do every day make you more or less excited about and engaged in your job? What effect do job titles have on the talent attraction process? A Rose by Any Other Name?, a Human Capital Institute blog article by Amy Lewis discusses this very idea.

Maybe that unique title does a good job of capturing something special about the company this person works for or the job he or she does. And think of your own title: Does it get the job done in terms of describing what you do and how you want it to be known?

Lewis writes that it may be the job title that’s stopping the best leadership candidates from considering your opportunity. Or maybe it’s your conventional notion of who an executive candidate is.

Whether you’re a “next gen” leader or a mature leader, you expect a sense of contribution, community and ultimate purpose, not only in your personal life, but from your work, preferring companies who provide that fulfillment.

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