The Effective Delegator

It’s always difficult to give up control, especially when you cannot and will not accept anything less than the perfectionism and high-level performance you expect of yourself. In a recent article from, Jay Steinfeld discusses the difficulties of being able to work on your business instead of in it. Efficiently delegating tasks to employees allows for more free time, thus giving you time to work on your business, and not having to work IN it.

One of the most difficult points as an organization’s leader is being able to delegate tasks out to employees. Intimidating questions lurk for any delegator – ‘What if it takes too long to train someone effectively?’ or ‘What if the work isn’t done according to my standards?’.

Steinfeld says the only way your career – and your business – will grow is by assuming increasingly higher levels of responsibility; the only way you’ll have time to do that, without spending your life at work, is to delegate.

You have to work on your business and let everyone else work in it. Here are five ways to free up some time and start delegating:

1. Create a culture where mistakes are tolerated: Senior leaders must understand that mistakes are acceptable – as long as people learn from them.

2. Take the monkey off your back: In order to effectively solve problems, have employees come with suggested solutions so all the weight isn’t placed on your shoulders.

3. Ask your direct reports what part of the job they think they can do: This chain creates a process of building skills throughout the organization.

4. In formal reviews, include a specific rating for delegation: Do not just mention delegation in passing. It should merit a specific grade.

5. Communicate to your staff that pay increases come only with increased value provided: Increased assumption of higher-level duties and responsibilities come alongside increased value and effort.

The next time an employee asks you what to do, keep these delegation tactics in mind. The more independent your employees can be, the more time you will have to work on and not in your business.

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