Taming Hiring Managers

In On the Importance of Taming Hiring Managers, an article by Lou Adler, author of Hire With Your Head, getting hiring managers to do the right thing in practice is not as easy as the concept implies.

Alder provides a list of 6 mistakes hiring managers often make, including:

1. They knowingly let candidates accept offers without giving the candidate the true story about the job, about their management style, what the culture is actually like, and how they’ll be judged.

2. They hire for superficial reasons, like strong handshakes, strong communications, strong academics, strong first impression, affability, etc.

Often, hiring managers simply do not have enough time. Hiring managers are often forced to make short-term decisions just to get an empty spot filled. With these elements in mind, Alder offers some suggestions on how to tame your hiring manager:

1. Implement a raising the talent bar committee

2. Give managers quality-of-hire objectives

3. Conduct more panel interviews

4. Formal debriefing program

Hiring practices are too important to leave to chance. An end-to-end, companywide hiring process based on the needs of top personnel is another way to tame your hiring managers. Adler says that not only will you increase your share of the best talent available, but you’ll also turn your hiring managers into your best friends.

To learn more about how to tame your hiring managers, read the full article here.

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