Polishing High Potential Employees

Great leadership of high potential employees can be a grueling task. A View from Inside the Leadership Pipeline, an article by Dan McCarthy, gives some useful information about understanding and efficiently utilizing high potential employees. McCarthy notes that giving these employees what they want and what they need can be a challenge for any talent manager.

McCarthy discusses a study by The Center for Creative Leadership in this article. The information he found led him to adjust his own high potential employee, (“hipo”), management techniques. Highlights of the study include tips such as:

1. High potentials help develop others.

2. High potentials expect more development, support, and investment – and they get it.

McCarthy says that making policy changes based on a very small sample need to be made with caution. There is no black and white when it comes to management of high potential employees. He offers a few of his own recommendations in conjunction with the study:

Differentiate when it comes to leadership development. Expect a lot from your high potentials. People who want to get ahead are going to gravitate towards high potentials .

To read more about high potential employees, and how to polish their talents, read the full article here.

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