Maintain Optimism to Heighten Leadership

In a discussion about Performance Management, Eileen M. Rogers and Daren Blonski collaborate on an article titled, “The Deliberate Optimist” for

To sustain a vision despite adversity, challenges, obstacles, and delays, a leader must have a strong personal conviction in the importance of the mission; be determined to achieve the goal; maintain openness to alternative strategies; and press forward positively to make the vision a reality.

Rogers and Blonski question what drives optimism and discuss mood contagions. A few of their thoughts about the matter include:

“Being optimistic does not mean leaders ignore reality and underestimate risks – they see, recognize and evaluate danger – but their focus is the opportunity.”

“Optimism is notwithstanding, emotional resiliency enables leaders to cope with setbacks and challenges.”

The article describes that past research provides insight into the source and impact of optimism and positivity – and to learn more, click here.

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