Learning and Development Vitality

In a recent article published by the Human Capital Institute, author Katherine Ratkiewicz questions BP’s response to the disastrous oil spill from a Learning and Development perspective. Ratkiewicz asks specifically about what BP could have done, and what needs to be done in the coming months and years to correct an obvious gap in the company’s Learning and Development approach.

An organization’s Learning and Development programs are only as good as the organizational competencies that are defined. Best practice Learning programs are aligned to an organization’s most crucial competencies.

These crucial competencies are also known as the knowledge, skills, and capabilities necessary for individual and organizational success.

It’s important for companies to spend time defining the right competencies. From there, those competencies must be in line with all aspects of the employee life cycle, so employees know from the very beginning what they need to do in the face of crisis.

From a longer term perspective, employees need to be continuously trained on what’s most important for their roles and for the business so they can keep their skills fresh and be ready to step in, in ANY situation.

Aligning performance management, learning and development, and succession planning to the strategic goals of the organization are key attributes of best practice companies.

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