A “High Reliable Organization”

To become a “high reliable organization,” you must create a mindful infrastructure that notices the unexpected and encourages reporting problems. HR is valued as helping to avoid pitfalls, and being a high reliable organization boosts your credibility as a business partner.

Find out how the most ethical companies lead by example by encouraging mindfulness. Leverage your talent networks to capture lessons learned from mentoring conversations that cultivate experience.

A recent article posted on HCI.org by Joy Kosta discusses how to create a mindful organization. Dealing with small troubles in any organization is just as important as dealing with the large troubles. Not to mention, taking care of small change before big bills will reduce the probability of problems from the very start.

In Managing the Unexpected: Resilient Performance in an Age of Uncertainty, a book by Weick and Sutcliffe, the authors say, “Moving toward a mindful infrastructure is harder than it looks because it means that people have to forgo the ‘pleasures’ of attending success, simplicities … and superiors.”

The behaviors your organization models and recognizes are repeated by your employees. Perhaps you should imagine and implement a new business model that allows you to develop resilience and agility to bounce back from unexpected events and valuable discoveries.

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